miscellaneous wanderings

hello, I am twee

(romance is a drowning tuna)

and likely nine times out of ten, he dreams of where those two might be; for he remembers his two men, who came, changed, altered how he'd be.


  • TweeBasic - A very simple programming language
  • Yosowo - My entry to the NaNoGenMo 2018
  • Amastus - A little programming language that loves you ~ Amastus is a lightweight, statically typed programming language that conforms to the functional paradigm.
  • KEPI - Extensible Programming Interface. (Custom laptop concepts)

Had I two eyes, I would proclaim your beauty; as it is, I have but one eye - one eye, and a tongue.


procedural epics

yet soon enough she came to love this twisted camaraderie; and through the year she'd tongue her bare to show that she was sorry


that was the mistake that afforded them everything.